Greek Food Distributor Supplies GYRO’s To Local Restaurants.

Who is the Greek Food Distributor Supplying Gyro’s?

Continental E & J Foodservice is the supplier of Gyro’s and other Greek and Mediterranean food products. They are located at 4744 Old Cliffs Road, San Diego, CA 92120.

What Is A Gyro?

Continental E & J Foodservice has a strong focus on distributing and supplying Greek Food to California, Arizona, and Nevada. They have created a niche market for restaurant owners looking to cater to the Greek and Mediterranean foodies. In other words, the delicious word that many of us crave is the…the “GYRO!” Although, it is properly pronounced as “Yee-Row”, and is a traditional Greek meal that is made with tasty lamb and or beef meats that are seasoned with traditional Greek seasonings and cooked on a vertical meat broiler, then sliced thin and loaded on homemade pita bread. Many would say that it’s similar to the look of a sandwich wrap. Depending on the restaurant establishment, the Gyro may also have lettuce, tomato, onion, and yogurt-based cucumber sauce called Tzatziki and is properly pronounced “Taa-Zee-Key”.

How Can My Restaurant Order Gyros And Other Greek Products?

It can be completed in ONE easy step. Click Here to complete the Valued Customer form that will allow you to order products online and by phone. Many of the products supplied by Continental E & J Foodservice can be viewed online. Click Here to view over +980 products that cater to the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Attention Restaurant Owners & Managing Partners

  • More Reasons to contact Continental E & J Foodservice:
    1.) They have been in business for over 30 years!
    2.) Friendly and Professional Customer Service!
    3.) Fast & Reliable Deliveries on time, every time!
  • Contact Continental E & J Foodservice: (619) 265-1100
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