Food Distributors San Diego

Continental E & J Foodservice is among the best Food Distributors in San Diego, California

When searching for Food distributors in San Diego, you will find Continental E & J Foodservice, Inc. who is a business that has been providing foodservice items and non-perishable products to restaurants, local cafeterias, special event festivals and other nationally recognized wholesalers for over 30 years. At Continental E & J Foods, we strongly believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We stand behind our food products and deliver on time, every time!

What is the purpose of the Food Distributor?

A food distributors main purpose is the “Niche Middle Man” between foodservice producers/manufactures and the food service restaurant owner and or buyer. Continental E & J Foodservice is the among the best food distributors in San Diego, California. They are located at 4744 Old Cliffs Road, San Diego, CA 92120.

How does the Food Distributor connect with restaurants?

The food distributors in San Diego, as well as other nation and international companies’s duties are to make purchases and redistribute products to foodservice oriented restaurants. Continental E & J is among the many food distributors that offer over 900 + products within their inventory. Some of the products may be broken down from the case, so that the customer may purchase individual items. If you’re already a valued customer, then you can BECOME A CUSTOMER online or LOGIN here to order / view products. Many different companies that aid in the manufacturing and production side include, but not limited to: Carrier, Corfu Foods, Inc., Tazah, Ithaki, Kontos, Kronos, Rich-In-All, Karat, Megas Yeeros, McCain, Olympia, Olympus Feta Cheese, Optimal, Tarazi, Scott Brothers Dairy, Western Plastics and Golbon. If you are looking for a particular brand, please contact Continental E & J Foodservice today and ask for Joe, (619) 265-1100.

Foodservice distributors in San Diego, such as Continental E & J Foods, purchase products in bulk quantities and organize on shelvs for storage, then transported once a customer orders/purchases products. Refrigerated trucks and other large freight carrying trucks distribute prodcuts to customers restaurant and or location designated upon ordering. Continental E & J Foods distributes products and other items like equipment at NO Cost! Ask how, and you shall receive, contact Continental E & J Foods, {Click Here}.

Most foodservice companies, especially like Continental E & J Fooservice, purchase on a weekly basis, from a wide range of local, speciality, and nationaly recognized brands. Many times the actual food manufacturer may even hire on a brokerage company to represent their brand within the market.

Amazing, but True!

FACT: Did you know…International Foodservice Distributors Association estimates that foodservice distributors in the U.S., as a daily average, deliver approximately 25 million cases of food and other products. Now, that’s a food for thought.

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