Best Foodservice Suppliers in San Diego

Why Choose Continenatal E & J Foodservice?

Because Continental E & J Foodservice will satisfy and cater to all your Foodservice needs. Plus, they deliver on time, every time!
Continental Foodservice brings over 30 years of experience to the table. Now, Continental E & J Foodservice, Inc. is among the best food distributing and supplying leaders when it comes to delicious Greek and Mediterranean food served to the foodies of California, Arizona and Nevada. The best foodservice suppliers in San Diego, Continental E & J Foodservice, Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, California. (Click here for Google Maps location)

Have You Ever Eaten A Gyro In California?

Most likely the supplier was Continental E & J Foodservice. They have over 980 products to choose from. Everything from ALUMINIUM, BEANS & GRAINS, BEEF, BEER, BREAD, CANNED GOODS, CHEESE, COFFEE, DAIRY, DOUGH, DRY GROCERY, EQUIPMENT, FOAM, FRIES, GYRO, JANITORIAL, LAMB, NUTS, OILS, OLIVES, PAPER, PLASTIC, PORK, POULTRY, PREPARED FOODS, RICE, SEAFOOD, SPICES, SPIRITS, SWEETS, VEGETABLES, WATER, WINE, WOODEN. check out their products, click here:

To The Restaurant Owner, The Choices Are Endless….

Have you ever wanted to rent a broiler to cook Gyros? Picture a special event where hot fresh tasty gyros are served to all of your guests. Well then, look no further, Continental E & J now offers rental equipment, click here: Prices are affordable, but can’t guarantee there will be leftovers.

Customer Service…

At Continental E & J Foodservice is where you will always be welcomed with a smile. You will also find 11 friendly employees that will assist you in your decision-making process. 100% CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE!!! This will make your ordering simple and worry free.

Competitive Pricing With Continental E & J Foodservice

No matter what you need for your restaurant, they have it. Contact Continental E & J Foodservice today: (619) 265-1100.

*Continental E & J Foodservice is also known as “Wholesale Suppliers and Distributors in California, Arizona, and Nevada” catering to the Greek and Mediterranean restaurants.
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